The Causes Of Project Delay: The Case Of Lideta Limate Primary School Building Project Lideta Sub City Administration Construction Office

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Addis Ababa University


The objectives of this research was to identify the most common factors, effects and the way of elimination delay project of time overrun in Lideta Lemate primary school building construction projects of Lideta sub city administration. In order to achieve this objective, the researcher implemented literature review research methodology and questionnaire survey. Employing these methods, the significance of factors contributing to delay overruns within the projects of interest were identified and evaluated. The participants were selected from clients, contractors and consultants. A total of 36 questionnaires from client, consultants and contractors were collected. The agreement among the sets of rankings for delay overruns were tested using statistical methods. The statistical significant difference in the delay factors between the different groups of the project participants with the mean rank for each Create stress on contractors, disputes, total abandonment, time overrun, litigation and acceleration losses. The most effective measures of eliminating delays in construction were; information sharing, total quality management), quality cycles, benchmarking, joint risk management, continuous trainings, automated material tracking and early involvement of contractor and subcontractors. It is hoped that these findings will guide efforts to improve the performance of the construction industry in the future



delay, cause, effect, time overrun