The Psychological Impact of Hate Speech on Audiences: The case of Political Television Talk Shows on ETV, LTV and OMN and Posted on YouTube and Audience Reaction Evaluated

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The psychological impact of hate speech on audiences: The case of political television talk shows of ETV, LTV and OMN OMN and Posted on YouTube and Audience Reaction Evaluated, 2020. This study aimed to hate speech and its psychological impact on audience by looking into selected political talk shows in Ethiopian media houses. It has been tried to address the root causes of hate speech and enable effective government responses to the impact of hate speech on audiences. To this end, qualitative research methods were employed to realize the stated objective. According to the data, ethnicity-based hate speeches are the major type of hate speech among Ethiopians in addition to political-based hate speech. The online hate speech landscape among Ethiopians appears to be serious and requires attention and some kind of interference by the government and society at large.



psychological impact on audience