Practices and Challenges of Balanced Score Card Implementation in Nifas Silk Lafto Sub-City Education Offices

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Addis Ababa University


Balanced scorecard is a tool that translates an organization’s mission and strategy in to a comprehensive set of performance measures that provides the framework for a strategic measurement and management system. The main purpose of this research study was to investigate the challenges and prospects of BSC implementation with the intention to put ground for better achievements in Public Service and Human Resource Development Offices at KolfeKeranio Sub-City and Wereda level. Descriptive research design was used with mixed research approach. Questionnaires and interview were employed as data collection instruments to collect primary data and document review was used to serve as secondary data source.The major findings of this research study were partial common understanding about BSC strategy, BSC strategies were not equally institutionalized,lack of participation in employees in the implementation process of BSC, the offices partially linked the strategy scorecard plan to budget, the knowledge and skill training given on BSC implementation was inadequate, the role of heads of the offices involvement and mobilization in the BSC implementation was rated as lowThe mainfactors contributed to challenges BSC implementation were lack of leaders’ attention, the presence of skill gap, lack of accountability, and commitment and low interest of the responsible officers to support other employees. By taking into consideration the major findings, the researcher has concluded that the Offices did not take the necessary efforts to the required level in acting appropriately to curve the major challenges and to mitigate the major causes of challenges in the realization of BSC. Therefore, the Offices should to sustain all its current strengths, and improve its limitations in the most efficient and effective way to cope up this competitive and dynamic environment.