Determinants of Product Adoption of Packed Ethiopian Cultural Stew in Addis Ababa

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Addis Ababa University


The aim of this study is to provide an initial understanding of determinants of product adoption of packed Ethiopian cultural stew food adoption in Addis Ababa. In order to achieve this aim, this study identified and examined various attitudinal, normative and control factors and their possible influence upon packed Ethiopian cultural stew adoption. The data on these variables was collected using a structure questionnaire survey approach. The study population compromised of Bole sub-city of Addis Ababa where data was collected from 231 customers of Tapu prepared food P.L.C by using conventional sampling. The researcher used explanatory research to study the relationship between the dependent variable (product adoption) and the independent variables (attitude towards behavior, subjective norm and perceived behavioral control). Questionnaire were analyzed using SPSS version 20.00 and tools like correlation and multiple regression were employed. Study findings indicated that product adoption and attitude towards behavior were positively and significantly (β= 1.896, p<0.05) it accounted for 97.1% of the variance in product adoption.. The results also indicated that subjective norm and product adoption were positively and significantly related (β=1.223, p<0.05) and it accounted for 85.5% of the variance in product adoption. The results further indicated that perceived behavioral control, had a positive and significant relationship (β=1.588, p<0.05) and that it accounted for 88.6% of the variations in product adoption. The results also indicated that pricing and product adoption were significantly and negatively related (β=-0.381, p<0.05). From the findings the study therefore recommended that Cost of packed stew food may need to be lowered in order to attract new consumers as well as to retain the existed customers.



Product Adoption, packed Ethiopian cultural stew, subjective norm