Assessment of Employees’ Perception on Organizational Performance after Outsourcing A Case Study on Ethio Telecom

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Addis Ababa University


The purpose of this research is to assess employee perception on organizational performance of ethio telecom as regards to cost efficiency, productivity, profitability and flexibility performance indicators as supported by different literatures. About 234 questionnaires were administered to 4 selected departments of ethio telecom namely strategic planning, sourcing and facility, marketing and sales (specifically sales) and customer service (specifically back office) to get primary data that treated appropriate research questions. The study found that employees of the company perceived outsourcing so far has positively affected all the four organizational performance indicators of cost efficiency, productivity, profitability and flexibility and the results indicated that the employees perceived that ethio telecom has benefited from outsourcing its business process to reduce cost of operation, to increase its productivity and profitability and improves its flexibility. The study recommends that ethio telecom should sustain business relationships that would assists in transaction negotiation with outsourcing vendors to boost the performance of the company



Outsourcing, Organizational Performance