The Role of Traditional Local Institutions To Improve The Livelihood of Rural Community: The Case of Tachgayint Wereda, Anrs

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Addis Ababa University


In spite of a terrific effort from the govenm1ent of Ethiopia and NGOs, food insecurity problem of Tachgayint Wereda has become a great concern. Recurrent drought and the natural environment degradation have made a ll efforts for un improved li vel ihood difficult. The woreda has been under relief and development assistance for the last three decades. Studies show that vulnerability have increased, food security had worsen, dependency syndrome has stiffened and sustainability of development interventions has been impeded. The role of Traditional Local Institutions in the development arena has been shadowed in conceptual and methodological uncertainties. What are the realities of TLls in Ethiopia? How could they appear into the development arena? What are the systems and methods to use them effectively? What advantage do they have over the modern ones? What are the precautious points to work with them? This study surveys the issues that need to be considered in answering these questions, and di scuss current development interventi ons at Tachgayint to help analyze the extent of their involvement and indicate their present status in complimenting the effOlt of modern institution s. The research tries to prove that one of the root causes fo r the food security problem and decline of li ve lihood in the area is marginalization of the TLls from development activities. The research uses a descriptive method to prove its hypothesis. It carefully investi gates the root problems in a qualitative manner. A survey has been made on 120 HHs using a structured quest ioner focu sing on one kebele that includes the three agro climatic conditions. It also uses focus group di scussion, key informants, interview with poor farmers especially women l-II-Is , made a house to house visit , informal discussions and interviews with TLls leaders. Besides it uses literature review and search out secondary data to substantiate its arguments. Finally the research proposes a fea sible idea to help TLls considered in the development activ ities in the area.



Role of Traditional Local Institutions To Improve