Prevalence and Associated Factors of Stress among Elderly People in Macedonia Charity Association in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

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This research determines the prevalence and associated factors of stress among elderly people in Macedonia Charity Association, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. It also determined the prevalence and assesses associated factors. Literatures on prevalence and associated factors were discussed wisely in relation to the research objectives. The research was carried out using quantitative research design. Thus, 348 structured questionnaires were distributed and 211 were collected from Macedonia Charity Association elderly people with 60.6% response rate. Purposive sampling technique was used to select the charity association and elderly peoples, since more elders are found there together. The overall finding of the study shows that 59.7% of the elderly people experienced moderate stress and 4.3% of the others experienced high level of stress. The research can conclude that elders above 65 years of age have impression for the prevalence of stress: elderly people who have health problems have more vulnerable to stress than elderly people who don’t have health problems. Political unrest of Ethiopia stressed 81% of the elders and alarming increment of the goods and items stressed 71.6% of the others. 79.6% of the elders claimed that the increased population of the country, Ethiopia increased their stress level and 78.7% of the elders have Musclo-skeleton problems in Macedonia Charity Association. Based on the findings, the charity association center should employee professional counselor to provide proper professional support for those elderly people. The government, NGOs and concerned authorities should build effective and efficient hospitals for older people and should encourage mass sport with a physician. The government ought to give immediate solutions for political unrest of Ethiopia.



Associated factors of stress, Elderly people, Prevalence of stress, Stress,