The Impact Of Transportation In Logistics Performance: The Case Of Major General Haylom Araya Military Academy

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Addis Ababa University


The purpose of this study was to examine the role of transportation in logistics performance. Effective logistics management has different core functions in military activities, these are: deployment and distribution, supply, maintenance, operational contract support (OCS), engineering, and health services (HS). By considering this fact and central role of transportation at every military logistics activity, the researcher performed the study by identifying roles of transportation in logistics performance dimensions (logistics differentiation, effectiveness and efficiency); and to see the relationship between transportation and logistics performance. Explanatory research design was employed with mixed method. A total of 114 questionnaires were distributed to respondents; 104 were returned and refined for analysis. Interview questions were prepared for logistic sub unit head, transport heads, warehouse keepers, and purchasing and supply head of the military academy. The role of transportation was analyzed using descriptive statistics like mean and standard deviation. As per the result weakness observed in areas of service cost efficiency, the overall quality of transportation, transportation cost and some human and non human factors affecting performance of transportation is identified. The relationships proposed in the framework were tested using Pearson correlation, and the causal relations were analyzed using regression analysis. From the result of the analysis, it is concluded that there is strong causal relationship between role of transportation and logistics performance. From the finding, it was recommended that, increase transportation performance (by providing safe and secure movement of personals and materials, fast travel time and finical/economical management) is better for the military academy to improve the logistics performance. Because most of logistics function is transportation dependent



Logistics, Transportation, Role