Service Quality in Banking

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Service sector has been increased due to the increment of the competition especially in banking Ethiopia. This study was aimed to measure the level of service quality in banks from the prospective of their clients in Ethiopia with the selected four banks in Addis Ababa. Total of 382 questioners were distributed but 334 respondents were filled prepared questioner correctly taken and use for analysis. Questioner included all quality dimensions of SERVQUAL model namely responsiveness, assurance, empathy, reliability and tangibles and level of customer satisfaction. The collected data were analyzed using SPSSV.25. Descriptive statistics, Pearson correlation and regression analysis was applied. The finding indicates that the mean score of the satisfaction was 3.979(79.58%). Pearson correlation result reveals that there was a positive relationship between the service quality dimensions and customer satisfaction. Reliability was found to have the highest correlation with customer satisfaction. In addition, the regression result indicates that all the service quality dimensions had aggregate impact on customer satisfaction with R square value of 0.568 but Empathy and assurance have no significant impact among the five service quality dimensions. Thus bank responsible body should satisfaction with respect to aspects of service quality.



customer satisfaction, Service Quality