Active Learning and its Influence on Students’ Academic Achievements in Yaka Sub City Selected Secondary Schools

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Addis Ababa University


The purpose of this study was to investigate active learning and its influence on students’ academic achievements in Yekasubcity, selected three secondary schools, namely Karalo Secondary School, Millennium Secondary School, and BirhanGuzo Secondary school. To conduct the study descriptive method was used. Atotal 60 students, 45 teachers, and 12 principals participated in the study and completed questionnaire. Both qualitative and quantitative methods were employed. In order to give equal chance to respondent’s random sampling was employed for students and teachers, and purposive sampling employed for principals. Questionnaire, interview and documents used as data gathering tools. The collected data by questionnaire were analyzed using frequency percentage and descriptive statements. In addition qualitative data were analyzed immediately after finished the interviews and observations. The finding of the study indicates that almost all of the participants of the study have perceived active learning positively. The study also revealed active learning is implemented effectively and it has a significance role in enhancing students’ academic achievements. According to the finding lack of instructional materials were the major factors influencing the implementation of active learning. Finally it is highly recommended that school administers and teachers should address the problem of unavailability of instructional materials by mobilizing communities, parents and other stockholders. Additionally training on active learning should be provided for those who lack the skill and knowledge on active learning.



Active Learning, and its Influence on Students