Human Resources Assignment Practices In Multiple Projects Organization In Ethiopia. A Case Of Federal Ministry Of Health

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Addis Ababa University


Human Resource (HR) is the key factor that determines the success or failure of projects. Multi-project organization works in an environment where an organization runs multiple projects at the same time. Nowadays multiple-project environment is getting more common. In this research, the human resource assignment practices in Ethiopia, in a case of Federal Ministry of Health(FMOH) was studied. Human resource management in multiple-project organization environment is more exposed to different types and sets of challenges. The research begins with the gathering of the information from the literatures than research questionnaire was designed. The collected data was analyzed to find out: 1) Project Team Member Selection Criteria, 2) Project Team Member Selection Methods, 3) Human Resource Management Methods, and 4) Current Challenges and Problems in assigning human resources. The data gathered are tested by Cronbach’s Alpha test. Based on the result, the assignment of human resource practice at FMOH taking place at the start of the project and allow employee exchange across the projects. There are few scenarios that project team members assigned after the project starts. Employees are not advised or allowed to work on projects they want to work on due to insufficient expertise and project dependency across multiple projects. The top three criteria for assigning resource in multiple-project environment are: 1) Lifelong Learning Skills, 2) Good Communication Skills, and 3) Good Leadership skills. The research may further enhance the pre-existing theories in the area. The further study can be done to obtain deeper understanding in multiple projects human resource assignment at FMOH federal and state level



Human Resource Management, Human Resource Assignment, Project Management, Multiple Projects Management