Management Development Through Training: A Comparative Survey Of Etc And Eepco

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A study has been conducted in Ethiopiall Telecommunication Corporation (ETC) and Ethiopian Electric Pov,cr Corporation to asses the statu~ of management dc\clopmcnt undertaken through training and to compare the tv,;o organizations. The studY IS conducted using basically primary data collection instruments. The finding indicated that both ETC and EEPCo havc a good commitment lor management development expressed in terms of training plan for management. priority and support given by top management for management training. It also indicated that EEPCo has relatively a poor commitment for management training expressed in terms of availability ohvritten policy for management development. Based on the finding there is no periodic assessment of management training needs in both ETC and EEPCo and selecting employees for management training primarily depends on educational qualification, views of bosses and performance appraisal reports. The finding indicated that both ETC and EEPCo are dependent on outside consultants or training institutes to deliver management training. It is also revealed that different management topics were included in the management training programs undertaken by both organizations, and lecture and case study were the most widely used methods in the management training programs of both organizations. This paper discovered that there is no management training evaluation in both organizations to see the results of the training programs. In order to improve the management development programs undertaken through training in EEPCo and in ETC suggestions are provided in relation \",ith management development policy, management training needs assessment, developing in-house programs and evaluating the results of the programs.


A Project Submitted For• The Partialfulfillment Of The Requirement For The Degree Of Master Of Business Administration


A Comparative Survey Of Etc And Eepco