Appropriate Technology Based Information System for Distance Education in the Ethiopian Civil Service College

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Addis Ababa University


These days when, there are cost and access crises in on-campus education, it is not wise to continue with on ly on-campus education . However, distance education without technologies that reduces the time and di stance li mitations is likely to suffer a lot. . Therefore, this study, after some literature review, questionnaire survey and discussion with users and management body of the Ethiopian Civil Service College, and analysis of different documents, a Web technology based distance education is proposed. The ______ technolog~-was-selectecLb~-firsl--narrowing-th e...-candidate-technologies-to-interact.i¥e----c technologies (those that let bi-directional flow of information) and then selecting one by evaluating the two candidate technologies: videoconferencing and Web and put Web as dominant teclmology to be used in distance education. Based on the requirement analysis made this study proposed a Web based information system and designed a framework for such a system which would enable the users to meet their needs. A Web based prototype, based on the framework, was also developed. The system development steps employed are analysis (analysis of anticipated problems, and activities, information need in the distance education, analysis of critical components), planning (listing goals, deciding how to perform and prioritizing) and designing the structure of the Web based system. The prototype was developed mainly using a tool called Visual Inter Dev.



Appropriate technology Based Information System