Assessment of prevalence and pattern of extremities injury following motorcycle accident in Dilla University referral Hospital, Gedeo zone , Dilla Town in 2020 G.C.

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Addis Abeba University


Background: Now a day‟s road transport system is one of the sign of modernizat ion and it has a large economic and social impact. In global reports motorcycle is representing high number of road users and has high number of crash statistics. Globally Accidents involving motorcycle riders have varied consequences. Motorcycle riders had increased frequency and severity of extremities injury. Most injuries among motorcycle riders are diagnosed in the extremities. Motorcycles injuries (MCIs) are underreported from developing countries. In Ethiopia Prevalence of motorcycle accident in southern Ethiopia injuries was more than half of all traffic related injury. Objective: To assess prevalence and pattern of extremities injury following motorcycle accident in Dilla university referral Hospital, Gedeo Zone Dilla Town in 2020 G.C. Methodology: Institutional based cross sectional study design with retrospective data collection was applied. Censes sampling technique is used. The data was collected by chart reviewing of motorcycle injury patient from from Sep/11/2017 to Aug /7 /2019 by using checklist. The data analysis was done by SPSS version 25 software. Result and conclusion: - The prevalence of extremities injury was 452 extremities injury per 1000 motorcycle accident population. Lower extremities injury was higher in percentages than upper extremities, which were 56.9 % and 28.9% respectively. Soft tissue injuries were the commonest injury of all, it took 80.3%. Laceration took 28%. From all extremities injury fracture was 45.2%. The percentage of fracture of Tibia, Fibula and femur were 21.8%, 20.1% and 8.4% respectively. Also Ulna, radius and humorous were 5.4%, 5.4%, and 3.3% respectively. The highest type of fracture was transverse fracture, which was 29.7%. The second type of fracture was oblique, which was10.9%. Motorcycle accident is the most devastating injuries that could lead to morbidity even death. Dilla university referral hospital has higher burden of motorcycle accident. Extremities injury was the worrying case of motorcycle accident.



Extremities injury, motorcycle, pattern, accident.