Assessment of Factors Affecting Effective Performance of Construction Projects: The Case of Projects of Ethiopian Construction Works Corporation. By:

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Addis Ababa University


The problem of success factors on the construction industry which results in delays of project is considered to be a global phenomenon and the construction industry in Ethiopia is not exceptional. The goal of all concerned agents involved in the construction projects (owners, contractors, engineers and consultants) in either of the public or private sector is to successfully complete the project on time, within budget, with the highest quality and in the safest manner. Construction projects are frequently influenced by either success factors that help projects reach their goal as planned or delay factors that terminate or postpone project completion. The methodology adopted in this project work was, first, to undertake a literature survey of the area. Then a questionnaire survey and an interview survey were employed for data gathering and finalizing factors affecting the projects. This study is considered to be influential for improving the effectiveness of project performance. Performance can be assured by assessing, identifying and eliminating the factors that cause or yield poor project outcomes. Thus, project managers need better understanding of success/failure factors in order to take appropriate action. The researcher employed a descriptive design to analyze the data collected from sample respondents. The findings of this study can be used as a guideline to successfully handle similar construction projects in the country.



project, project management, Project success, success factor,, construction project, construction project