Impediments To Cooperative Housing In Amhara Region: The Case of Bahirdar City

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Addis Ababauniversity


Like in many other developing coulltries, critical shortage alld poor cOllditioll of housillg is one of the biggest urball problems ill Ethiopia, alld the problem is evell more critical ill tOWIlS alld cities of the COUlltry where there is high rate of urballizatioll. Bahirdar is olle mcl, city of the coulltry that has beell experiellcillg dramatic rise ill its rate of urballizatioll. The purpose of this study is to explore the nature ami magllitude of the IlOusillg problem ill Bahirdar alld, primarily, to look illto the potelltials ami cOllstraillts of cooperalive housillg as a viable strategy to mitigate the problem at halld Towards the fulfillmellt of this objecti.'e, members of housillg cooperatives who have beell ulldertaking their projects ill the lastfive years were surveyed. A two stage samplillg desigll was used 10 select sample IlOusellOlds from the target population. At the first stage, J 6 cooperatives were ralldomly selected Ollt of the total 48 cooperatives Ihat have received lalld ill lite lasl five years. At Ihe secolld stage, J 50 cooperative members were cllOsell from Ihe 16 coop eratives proportiollate to size. A stmctured quesiiollllaire was admillislered 10 the sample populatioll. This was also complemellted with ullstructured illterview, site observatioll, alld documelltary search. The filldillgs of Ihe research revealed thallhere is a tremelldous .\1IOrl/all alld poor cOlldilioll of housillg ill Bahidar, alld yet there is 110 appropriate housillg .mpply system to mitigate the problem. The private rental .,ystem (real estate developmellt) is entirely 1101l-existent, alld the public housillg system is both illsigllificallt alld ineffecti ve. Evell tltough tlte cooperative way of housillg is illstitutiollalized to address the tremelldous housillg Ileed, cooperatives ill gelleral have Ilot beell able 10 bear fmit or Iw ve failed 10 realize the illtended outcomes. A IIII/Ilber offactors hillder Ihe p erformance of housing cooperatives. The/illilillgs of tit is sludy illdicale Ihal problems of land provisioll, housillg fi"an ce, alld illfrastmcture as well as higher IIOilSillg stalldards arefolllld to be most importalltfactors that severely preclude Ihe progress of cooperatives



Amhara Region: The Case of Bahirdar City