Ethiopia Field Epidemiology Training Program (EFETP) Compiled Body of Works in Field Epidemiology

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1.1 Outbreak of Measles in Kucha district, Gamo Gofa zone, Ethiopia, August, 2013 Abstract Text: Background: Measles is a highly infectious vaccine preventable childhood disease that infects over 20 million people each year. On 14th August, 2013; five suspected cases of measles were reported in Kucha district, Gamo Gofa zone, Ethiopia. We conducted an investigation to confirm the diagnosis, assess factors associated with the outbreak and recommend control measure. Method: We conducted 1:2 unmatched case-control study, we defined a case as any resident of Kucha district with fever, rash, and either cough, conjunctivitis or coryza, between August 14 to 20th September, 2013.Five blood specimen collected from suspected cases for testing Measles IgM. We reviewed patient’s medical records of in the health facilities and active search for additional cases in affected communities. Questionnaires were administered to caregivers of cases and controls to obtain information on Sciodemography and risk factors. Immunization status was assessed using immunization card and/or care givers recall. Results: We found 148 cases with (AR=8/10,000) with two death (CFR=1.2%). A total of 30 cases and 60 controls recruited Females constitute 53.3% and 51.7% of cases and controls respectively. The median age was 6.5 years (range 8 month to 18 years) and controls 7.5(1-18 years), and 39 (26.4%) under five and 97(65.5%) were 5-14 years old. Measles vaccine coverage 92%. Prior vaccination status (OR=0.21, 95% CI: 0.08-0.54), Knowledge of measles transmission (OR= 0.13, 95%CI: 0.02-0.35). Living in a room with more than six people (OR=4.2, 95%CI: 1.53-11.95). All five samples tested positive for measles IgM. Conclusion: Low measles immunization, poor knowledge of transmission of measles, and overcrowded living condition and accumulation of susptible groups above 5 years age may be responsible for this epidemic. We recommend supplemental measles vaccination, strengthening of routine immunization and Public advocacy on immunization campaigns, Vaccination campaigns should target children above age of five years. Keywords: Measles outbreak, Ethiopia, Gamogofa, case control, Kucha



Measles outbreak, Ethiopia, Gamogofa, case control, Kucha