Assessing the Perceived Performance of Supply Chain Management - the Case of Two Brewery Companies in Addis Ababa

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Addis Ababa University


In this thesis, the researcher assessed the perceived performance of supply chain management in the case two brewery companies in Addis Ababa. The study focused on eight supply chain performance variables, integration with suppliers, integration with customers, ICT utilization in the supply chain management, supply chain reliability, supply chain responsiveness, supply chain agility, supply chain operational cost and inventory management Practice. The main objective of this paper is to get in-depth insight about the supply chain performance in the case breweries. The research strategy of this study is a multiple case study and the brewery companies were the unit of analysis. Moreover, the study included first tier local strategic suppliers and their first and second tier customers of the case breweries to ensure the reliability of the research output. The research design applied was mixed approach. The quantitative data was analysed using SPSS for descriptive statistics and the qualitative data was used to further explain the findings of the quantitative data. The finding of the study indicates that the downward supply chain is more reliable and flexible than the upstream supply chain. The supply chain operation of the case breweries was perceived high. The study also found the gap related to joint planning, forecasting and sharing of supply chain information of the case breweries with their suppliers and customers. This study also identified gaps in managing supply chain inventories in relation to visibility of the inventory status along the supply chain. In conclusion, the breweries focus on responsiveness and reliability with high operational cost. The case brewery companies collaborate with their chain partners only on limited areas. The level of trust is also minimal due to high completion with rivalries. Consequently, long term demand forecast or sales forecast are very rarely shared with channel partners. The inventory management practice also shows potential risk of holding overstock or understock due to lack of using standard inventory management tools consistently. The upstream supply chain is less reliable and flexible due to limited local suppliers’ capacity as well as long import process than the downward supply chain and that the supply chain operational cost along the chain was considered high Keywords: Supply Chain management performance in the brewery companies.



Supply Chain management performance in the brewery companies.