The Role of School Improvement Program in Enhancing Quality Education at Secondary Schools in Addis Ababa, Arada Sub-city

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Addis Ababa University


The general objeclive oflhis study was 10 invesligale Ihe role of school improvemenl program in enhancing qualily of educalion al secondary schools. A mixed approach with purposive and simple random sampling lechniques was used 10 selecl leachers and slUdenls ji'om secondary schools of Arada sub-cilY in Addis Ababa. The principal objeclives such as 10 examine SIP sIal us, idenli/Y ils impacls and assessing Ihe improvemenls made by Ihe program had been evaluated carefiilly. The surveyed dala were analyzed using SPSS The findings of Ihe sludy reveallhal relalively encouraging achievemenls have been made allhe school level, wilh respecl 10 Ihe learning and leaching domain. However, achievemenl in Ihe school environmenl and community involvemenl domains were found 10 be velY low. Furthermore, lack of reward for those who performed well it, lack of awareness, and praclical involvemenl of Ihe community, lack of awareness among sludenls, and leachers, turnover of man power and lack of qualified operalional man power were idenlified as Ihe major challenges in implemenling SIP. The findings also indicaled Ihal Ihere are no inlegraled efforls of all slakeholders in Ihe implemenlalion process. This indicales Ihal Ihe school improvemenl programme has become a well arliculaled program in Ihe docUinenl, bUI il is nol as ji'uiljul as il was expecled on Ihe gro1lnd. In ils Ihird year implemenlalion stage and signijicanl land marks, improvemenls were nol observed so far in all domains, ji'om Ihe Jour domains Ihe mosl discouraging being the school environmenl and Ihe communily involvell7enl domains.