Assessment of Project Distress Prevention Strategy A case of Addis Ababa City Road Authority

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Addis Ababa University


This study attempted to investigate the factors that contribute for project distressed and the prevention measure taken to avoid the project from failing. The study aimed at examining reasons which are affecting project performance that related with project distress, and, to establish early warning system and prevent projects from becoming distressed. The study adopted a descriptive research method. The descriptive research design helped in observing the relationship between project distress management and factors failed in requirements gathering and documentation, proper planning, dynamic risk management, stakeholder involvement, scope change management, contractor management and client ownership. The study utilized both primary and secondary data to obtain firsthand information from Addis Ababa Cit Road Authority (AACRA). The sampling technique used was purposive sampling technique which endeavors to get an example of components in light of the judgment of the researcher. The data from the interviews were analyzed using a qualitative approach. The study demonstrated that the level of project distress management is unsatisfactory in the case of AACRA.



Project Management, Project Distress, Project Distress Management, Prevention Strategy