Socio-Demographic & Economic Correlates of Female Genital Mutilation in Adama Town, Oromiya Region of Ethiopia

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Addis Ababa University


Female genital muti~tion has been common in Ethiopia for several generations. BothMuslim..and , Christian population practice genital mutilation. In this study an attempt was made to explore socio-demographic and economic correlates offemale genital mutilation, theprrnJence offemale genital mutilation, women and men's attitudes toward the practice in Adama town among women of reproductive age. Inthesurvey 709womenand71 menwereselectedfrom the study area randomly through retrospective survey conducted inMarch 2002. It was observed that the prevalence offemale genital mutilation is widelypracticed inAdama. Among 709women participated in thestudy 5570fthem were mutilated .~ . and only 104 had given approval for the continuation of the practice. Similarly, among 71 men respondents 18 gave support for the continuation. Bivariateanalysis towards theprevalence andapproval ofFGM revealed significant differences in most of the socio-demographic and economic variables between mutilated and non·mutilated women and between supporters and non supporters ofFGM respectively. The significant factors that have valid relationship with theprevalence andapproval ofFGM were again taken to multivariate analyses. The out come of the logistic regression model indicate that women whowerein theag egroup30·49 . ' . .. years, women who stayed inAdama town 0 to 4years, women born in the countryside, evermarriedwomenandMuslim women Wf?Yeappeared with highpm;aJenceo/FGM Similarrywomen whosttryed inAdama town 04yearJ, women who haveneverbeen inschoo4 women whohavenever been at work, women with total household income Birr 0 to 120andevermarriedwomenwereidentijiedashighly supporters 0/ FGM. , Toabandon/ema!e genital mutilation itisgood to give/ocus on theimprm;emento/thestatus o/women through education and economic empowerment. A mass medi4 campaign also plays a major role in getting rid off FGM. ,