Influence of third Trimester Pregnant Women's Dietary Habit and Anemia Status on Cord Blood Micronutrient Concentration and Neonatal Birth Weight

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Addis Ababa University


This study determined the levels of Cd, Cu, Pb, and Zn concentrations and nutritional values in four brands of canned dry-milk and fish in addition. The storage conditions of the supermarkets from where the sample foods collected were discussed. The result indicated that the mean ± SD levels of Cu and Zn in the four brands of milk were lower than the FAO/WHO maximum tolerable limit (FAO/WHO, 1984). The relative highest level of Cd (1.991±0.47mg/g) observed in CM milk brand from Holland was above the maximum tolerable limit 0.2 ppm (FAO/WHO, 1984). In contrast the Cd level was low (0.202±0.309 mg/g) in AM milk branded from Ethiopia. The level of Pb in all milk brands were above the FAO/WHO (1984) limit of lead 1.5 ppm. The mean cadmium content of canned dry-milk significantly (at 0.05) depends on the milk brand. The determined and labeled energy values of all dry-milk brands were significantly (p = 0.05) different. The highest mean ± SD value of Cu (3.004±1.809 mg/g), Cd (3.541±2.467mg/g), Pb (6.574±2.899 mg/g) and Zn (33.897±3.670 mg/g) were observed in CF fish brand canned in sunflower oil imported from Spain; while the lowest Cu level (0.442±0.088 mg/g) of DIF fish brand packed in sunflower oil imported from Thailand, Cd level (0.381±0.274mg/g), Pb level (1.791±0.275) and Zn level (1.918±1.872) were of NF fish brands from Indonesia packed in vegetable oil. Except the CF brand, the determined and labeled energy yield of DIF and NF fish brands were statistically (p=0.05) different. The supermarkets illumination and ventilation condition have significant association (r=0.999) with Cd residue in canned fish only. Therefore, the appropriateness of storage condition of the foods should be kept to the standard. Generally, canned foods should be traced for their heavy metals residue and checked for their nutrient and energy value it yields routinely to make sure the public in getting what is indicated on the label.



Determination, Heavy Metals, Canned Dry-Milk, Fish, Supermarkets, Addis Ababa