The Status of Ethiopian Youth Sports Academy

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Addis Abeba university


The purpose of this study was to identify the status of Ethiopian youth sports academy. The subjects in this study were 57(100%) trainee athletes; 3(100%) coaches of the respective field and 3(100%) administrative heads(academy managers) respectively. As a methods of data gathering tools; questionnaire, interview, observational checklist and document analysis were employed. To analysis the collected data, both qualitative and quantitative methods such as descriptive statements and frequency counts, percentage, means, were on use respectively. The result of the study revealed that In Ethiopian youth sports academy the coaches and players ratio the age of under 15 males and females and under 17 males group has around 19 to 1(19:1).this means 1 coach for 19 players. This is very difficult to give modern way of coaching system. If it has improved by concerned bodies should be highly recommended to balance the number of coaches and players in the academy. According to the players respond and in my observation the quality of the playing field is low, the players and coaches are not satisfied Few respondents are satisfied with the quality of the playing field. If it has improved by concerned bodies should be highly recommended. In addition to these, The result of the study also revealed the coaches chance or opportunity of getting performance enhancing (training) courses from the Football Federation is very low. The concerned bodies should jointly work to provide trainings for coaches and sport experts, and they should support coaches related with how to administer the tasks in organized coaching environment.



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