Assessment of Construction Project Management Control Practice: The Case of Grade One Building and General Contractors in Addis Ababa

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Addis Ababa University


Construction industry in developing countries is struggling from different challenges that can affect the industry from achiving the intended objective which is to complete the construction works on time,as per the budget and desired quality.From the different process that help the industry to be sucessful,the construction control practice of contractors contributes a faire share in the sucess of the projects.As per the reviewed litratures ,there exist a gap in the construction control practices in Ethiopian construction industry.Bearing this in mind , this research is conducted to asses the current construction controlling tools and techniques used by grade one contractors with respect to the tools and techniques described in PMBOK.The research is of descriptive type and uses questionnaire and interview as an instrument to collect data.The analysis of the research shows the percentage and frequency of used construction controlling techniques.Also in order to rank the techniques that the contractors use, RII is used as a method of analysis.The finding of the research elaborates that mostly used tools and techniques are project management software to control time and cost of projects and inspection to control the quality of construction projects.Also, the finding revealed that different types of controlling techniques are not used by most of the contractors.Furthermore as per the research,even though there exists a lack of usage of different construction controlling tools and techniques,the professionals in the construction firm perceive that they have a good construction controlling system.From the finding of the research the researcher recommends the contractors to practice different controlling techniques that best fit their construction projects



Project,Construction, Contractors, Managment,Control