Marketing Real Estate - In Addis Ababa

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Rcsidcntial real estate dn'l'lopllll"llf III :\dlli, :\hha I~ qUill' an intl'fl'~tlllg ~uhil' c t The lllarkl,tll1g pcrsPCCtiVC on this i~sue "under rl'~('arl'hed, hence Ill()ti\';tting the CUITl'llt pro\l'ct, Though extensive litnatu n' n'\'ll'\\', l'1 )n~ldtati()ns WII h pl'rtint'n t 1I11lu~t ry p 1;t~'I'I~ and In .depth intervicw with per~()nnd Ilf Sun~hlllL' ( ' I)n~tnlctil)n I'l J: (Sunshine fl)r ~llIlrt) reln'ant data wcn: collcctcd and clualitatl\'cly analyzed , The l'xtl'mal l1\arking l'nVlfflnllll'l1I analy~q~ ~hows that thl' politico-lcgal markcting 1'11\' lr0I1I1\I'11 t I~ ~Iowlv IInprovlIIg, The ~OCI!I -t'L' IlIHIIllIC marketil1g cnvlronmcnt fav()r~ the uppl'r al1d 1l1llIdk' · illcl)ll1l' pl"Jpk' tl) hl' cu~tlJI1\I'rs III' fl'all'~tatl' dl' \'l'lllpl' r~ , Thc global technological ad\'alln'~ ha\'(' IH)t \'l't pt'n1ll'atl'd thl' ,t\,hb ,\haha Illark('t, \'1'1 th('n' IS indication that that it could help marketlllg n'all'statc through bettl'f CU~I'lml'r st'r\'iCl' and n't\ucl'd cost of housing, The deterillrating physlcall'n\' ll'flllllll'llt a III I plJllri\' dl'\'l'll)!lnl infrastructure of the city havc also hccn nbsen'eli as paradoxit'all'k' l1ll'llIs fal' lIlg Il'all'statl' d(,\'l'll)pns ill the l'apital. TWI) c10sc compctilors have hlTn fal('d (I :llIlIjll' tlll)r I'l'ldil(' .\l.llnx fallng) as hl'lng wl'akl'f than Sunshllll', I [owcvcr, Sunshine's rCSp0l1SIVl'I11'SS tl) the l'xll'rllal Illarkl'lIng l' nVlffllll1\l'nt IS rated only aho\'l' average on Extcrnal Factor Evaluation matrix , The internal cnvironmcnt of sUllshine COllstnlctil)n 1'1.e: has hl'l'n thl)rflughly analyzed , \ Ising tl1l' Internal Factor Evaluation matrix, Sunshine was r;ltcd only above avcragl' , Sunshine's market leadership image and apparcnt success in salcs have persuaded it to bc layeredback i.n its approach in markcting, Sugt,'t:stions on how to better perform real estate marketing activities have been fonvarded in this paper, rurthcm1orc, further research areas that might shed I\\llrl' light IIltl) till!; IIlIlS! intelt:sting suhject an,' suggested


MBA Perogeram


Real Estate - In Addis Ababa