Analysis of Effect of Train Overload on Disc Brake of AALRT

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Addis Ababa University


Changes in the train dynamics characteristics such as train weight will affect the train’s braking performance and its ability to stop safely in braking situation. This paper studies about the disc temperature and von misses stress of train over loading used in AALRT. A transient thermal analysis has been carried out to investigate the temperature variation across the disc using ANSYS 14.5. Further structural analysis is also carried out by coupling with thermal analysis. A more realistic braking disc model for AALRT under various over load percentages, road grade level and maximum travel speed of 70km/h is analyzed. The model of disc brake is done by CATIA software and then simulation was followed using ANSYS 14.5 workbench. Results from this research showed that the temperature and stress on disc brake during service brake at downhill train position and unacceptable load condition has increased by 37.08 o c and 56 Mpa from acceptable load and the same train position. When a repetitive braking is applied the temperature and von misses stress during train overload has increased by 37.07 o c and 56 Mpa respectively. Similarly, when the emergency brake is applied during normal and unacceptable load condition, the temperature and stress on the disc has increased by 41.4 o c and 51 Mpa in time of downhill track position. In general, overloading the train has the effect of increasing the temperature and stress induced in to the disc brake rotor during braking



Disc brake, Temperature, Overloading, Von Mises stress, Light rail transit