The role of strategic partnerships on operational performance: Focus on agricultural products export firms in Addis Ababa

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It is hard to stay profitable in today’s competitive business environment without making sound strategic decisions. Creating strategic alliances or partnerships is one of the core decisions organizations make to maximize market opportunities or minimize the impact of threats. This research assesses the role of strategic partnerships on operational performance for agricultural export firms in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Primary data was collected from 62 firms that were registered as Agro products exporters in kirkos sub city Addis Ababa. The findings show that strategic partnerships in technology / research development, marketing, production / supplier and logistics influence operational performance of organizations. The study recommends managers to carefully assess the opportunities and threats their firms will face before creating strategic partnerships. In addition, if there is shortage of supplies, expertise or infrastructure, considering creating partnerships with other firms, institutions or individuals can be a wise approach.



Strategic partnerships, Collaborations, Strategic alliances, Operational Performance