Impact of the New Marketing Landscape on Ethiopian Firms

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This study basically deals with the impact of the new marketing Landscape on local firms. The new marketing arketing landscape comprises: the new digital age, rapid globalization, the call for more ethics and social responspon sibililty, and the growth in not- for profit marketing. The researcher is mainly initiated towards this topic, because he has witnessed most of the local firms being affected by the new developments in the global and local market places. The research is conducted by using the descriptive method of research. Both primary and secondary data are used in gathering information for The study. The primary data is mainly collected from the managers of selected firm s and sample customers. The secondary data is collected from the documents and publications o f various governmental and non governmental agencies . The data were analyzed by the use of some statistical tools. From the data analysis and interpretation it was extracted t h at the impact of there a paid g globalization o n local firms is high; on the other hand the local firms are not responding well to pressure coming from the new digital age. On the other hand the impact of the call for more ethics and social responsibility is limited. Based on the above findings the researcher has forwarded some useful recommendations .



Impact, Marketing, Ethiopian