The Everyday Activities of Muslim-Kara Yu School Adolescents: A Sociocultural Developmental Survey

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Addis Ababa University


The everyday activities of Muslim-Karayu school adolescents were studied. Spot observations were conducted to observe school adolescents' cultural everyday activities in different contexts (home, workplace, with peers, with siblings, etc.) and at different times of the day (in the morning, at noon, in the afternoon, and at evening). The adolescents, their same sex parents and sampled teachers were interviewed. The everyday activities of Muslim-Karayu school adolescents were predicted to be the same as unschooled Muslim-Karayu adolescents' everyday activities and, their activity orientation value with their same sex parents' activity orientation value respectively. Compared to the unschooled ones, school adolescent boys' everyday activities were significantly improved to take roles assigned for girls. But, from among school adolescent girls, no one took any role assigned for boys though they preferred changing to preserving gender specific everyday activities. It was concluded that school significantly influence Karayu school adolescent boys to take roles assigned for girls. It also influenced activity orientation value of both sampled school adolescent boys and girls. On the contrary, the everyday activities in general and gender specific everyday activities in particular influence school enrolment and retention



Muslim; Karayu