Challenges of Youth Unemployment: The Case of Burayu Town (Oromia National Regional State)

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Addis Ababa University


Now days, the growth of youth unemployment is one of the critical socio-economic problems facing Ethiopia. The intensity of the problem is high in urban areas in general, Burayu town in particular where youth face serious difficulty in getting employment. The advent of high young people flows in Burayu town has paved the way for the emergence of varied social problems amongst which is youth unemployment. This study was set to assess the challenges of youth unemployment in Burayu town with the goal of providing a better understanding of its prevalence and as result of the increase youth unemployment in the study area. In doing so the study highlights the perception, assess cause and challenges of young people unemployment and to propose the solution to address the problem in study area. The study was primarily based on descriptive qualitative and quantities data. The primary data were collected from 400 youths randomly purposive and accidental selected from three Kebeles of Burayu town, by using questionnaire, interviews and FGD. The challenges of youth unemployment different based on their age, sex, marital status, migrants status and educational levels. The demographic analyzed showed that educational level and marital status was statistically significant challenges of youth unemployment in study area. Migrant status and sex were found insignificant related to youth unemployment. Based on the findings of the sudy: Addressing the challenges and empowering women and giving advised for migrant, increasing investment in training institution and linking the training institution with labour market, Promoting youth enterprises development and self-employment. Attracting foreign investors to promote industrializations were suggested as recommendations. Key words: Young people, Unemployment, Labour market, Youth unemployment



Young people, Unemployment, Labour market, Youth unemployment