Plasma Waves as Averaged Collective Motions of Individual Particles

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Addis Ababa,University


The Vlasov kinetic equation for plasma that is usually treated as a co l1isionle ss approxima ti on is shown to satisfy the complete BBGKY hierarchy after some modifi cat ion of the latte r , thus being an exact so lu tion of it . Based on the perturbati on method originated f rom this exact soluti on , linear~ ized equations for ave raged deflecti ons of plasma particles from their un perturbed self-consistent trajectories are derived to be used for the investigati on of plasma waves. Instead of the Maxwell equat ions for elect romagnet ic fields the ir sol utions in the Lienard -Wiechert form are used. All the known results of the ordinary linear theory of plasma osc illati ons and waves a re shown to be r ep rodu ca ble in th i s approach, but in additi on, small co r rections of the first order in the pl asma parameter due to the .Oebye screeni ng are obtained . A simple consideration of a rarefied plasma in a s trong magnetic field i s given indicating the pos sibility of a non- cyclotron cha r acter of the motion of the parti cles that may be important for the pla91la confinement s in magn e ti c traps .



Plasma Waves as Averaged Collective Motions