Assessment Of Implementation Practices Of Civil Society Projects: A Case Study Of Pro-Development Network Projects In Afar

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Addis Ababa University


Pro-Development Network is a local Civil Society Organization that works to achieve social development in Ethiopia. The purpose of this study is to Assess Implementation Practices of Civil Society Projects: The case of Pro-Development Network projects in Afar region. A Descriptive research design was used to conduct the research. The target population of this study included direct staffs working specifically in WASH projects that are being implemented in Afar region. Questionnaires that have both open ended and close ended questions were used to collect data. Both hard copy and email communication was used to distribute questionnaires. The collected data was analyzed both by qualitative and quantitative methods of analysis. Quantitative method involved descriptive analysis. Descriptive analysis such as frequencies and percentages are used to present quantitative data in the form of tables and graphs. The findings indicated that there is organized planning and communication. However the project detailed plan are not discussed with project staff. Resources are clearly identified prior to implementation but the projects are facing budget deficiency. The overall rate of stakeholder participation is low. The results also indicated that WASH projects in PDN are facing challenges emanating from the socio-economic environment. The study recommends that to effectively implement WASH projects detailed project plan must be discussed with project staff before implementation begins, clear communication procedures should be in place, project staff should be familiarized with government rules and procedures, budget contingency plan must be in place to cope with unprecedented events and stakeholder participation should start at planning phase of the project. Areas for further research are also recommended.



Implementation, Challenge, Planning, communication, Budgeting, Stakeholder Participation