Effect of Altitude on E-glass/Epoxy Composite for Aircraft Parts

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Addis Ababa University


This work focuses on analyzing in a fundamental way the effects of curing pressure during wet layup procedure. An experiment was conducted to expose effects of altitude on E-glass/Epoxy composite during fabrication or repair. Processing techniques of specimen preparation for an experimental observation are also presented. E-glass/Epoxy laminates were obtained by a wet layup vacuum assisted technique as per the recommendation of Aircraft manufacturer. The composite laminates were prepared to meet ASTM standards and the basic properties are determined with the help of universal testing machine. Composite test samples were manufactured from plain woven E-glass and epoxy adhesive at bagging vacuum pressure of 19” Hg, 16” Hg and 13” Hg. The effect of altitude on E-glass/epoxy composites is analyzed and presented. Engineering stress against engineering strain graphs are plotted and documented to indicate the effects of altitude at various curing pressures. This paper has also examined the need for an alternate means of compliance to make sure the structural repair procedures adopted by Ethiopian airlines for aircraft repair are well-defined to shrink the effect on a structural integrity.



Composite, Aircraft, Experiment, Altitude, Bagging Pressure, Curing Pressure, matrix, Strength, Effect, Fabrication, Repair