Assessment Of Practices And Challenges Of Project Stakeholder Management Case Of Mission For Community Development Program (MCDP) Projects

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Addis Ababa University


stakeholder management in Mission for Community Development Program (MCDP) face encounters from different groups with potentially conflicting needs and interests. The study assess the practices and challenges of stakeholder management case of Mission for Community Development Program (MCDP) projects. Censes was used to use all stuff members of MCDP organization 30 respondents comprising 1 CEO, 1 Program Manager, 4 Project Managers, 7 Project Coordinators, 11 Frontline Project Staff and 6 key resource persons. Structured questionnaire was used to get information from CEO, Program Manager and Project Managers, whereas FGD questionnaire was used to provoke information from Project Coordinators, Frontline Staff and key resource persons. The study identified donors, beneficiaries, traditional and public authorities and Project Community as generally recognized key stakeholders to the organization. Whereas, Project team, insurance companies, media, sister/line projects, contractors/consultants and financial institutions were also identified as stakeholders but by some of the projects. It was discovered also that the interests and parts of the key Stakeholders were very critical to the effectiveness of the projects. The stakeholder management system was found to be predominantly not institutionalized (separate organizational body). The study also revealed challenges like low commitment, conflicting interests, personal benefit seeking, ineffective communication, low understanding of different issues, deviation from common agreement, unrealistic expectations and high cost of management rankly were found to effect on the performance of the projects in the organization. Finally, it is recommend that all stakeholder should be understand project goals and objectives, ensure strong communication, identify relevant stakeholders from the project planning, institutionalized stakeholder management and ensure full commitment from all stakeholders



Projects stakeholder management, Community Development Program