Assessment of PR Internal Communication Practices and Challenges in Media Industries; the Case of Ethiopian Broadcasting Corporation

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አዲስ አበባ ዩኒቨርስቲ


Improving internal communication is one of the responsibilities of public relations professionals. This research assesses PR‟s internal communication practices and challenges the case of Ethiopian Broadcasting Corporation. It also identifies various channels of communication being used in EBC for internal communication purposes. This research is carried out using mixed approaches: and primary and secondary data were tools of the study. Under the qualitative method, in-depth interview with public relations practitioners was conducted. In quantitative method questionnaires were distributed to Ethiopian Broadcasting Corporation employees. Various public relations activities are listed in the study. But the results of the study show that, public relations are less likely to function according to the organization's vision and mission. Although both the organization and its employees believe in the importance of public relations, the results of the study indicate that they pay less attention to the department. Another concern is communication channels used by the organization. Electronic, face to face and print options are commonly used. In addition, “Checklist” software has been common for years. But 57.7% of respondents of the questionnaire said that EBC was not using the communication channels effectively. Also regarding to the challenges, responses indicated that communication problems are not solving by communication. Also EBC is not providing regular trainings related to communication. Based on the findings, a few important recommendations that would contribute for improving the internal communication practices of PR and managing challenges for internal communication in Ethiopian Broadcasting Corporation were given.



Media Industries; the Case of Ethiopian Broadcasting Corporation