Assessment Of Agricultural Knowledge Manamgement System (Akms): The Case Of Ethiopian Agriclutural Transformation Agency System

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Addis Ababa University


Ethiopia Agricultural Transformation Agency (ATA) together with its partners designed and implemented the 8028 Hotline. It is used to disseminate agricultural knowledge about the best farming practices to smallholder farmers and other stakeholders. Even though more than one million unique callers start using such technology, it is difficult to conclude that the contents which are being disseminated via the system are actually reaching the users and serving their purpose at the other end. The purpose of this research is to assess the performance of 8028 Hotline in disseminating the agronomic knowledge to Ethiopian farmers, and examining the relationships between the factors constituting its success. In order to achieve the research objective, this research adopted the Wu and Wang (2006) Knowledge management system (KMS) success model. Quantitative approach was used to design the methods of the study. The survey‟s results were interpreted using standard multiple regression analysis, which helped to investigate and interpret the correlations between the dimensions constituting KMS success. The findings in this paper suggest that Knowledge quality has positive influence on both user satisfaction and perceived KMS benefits whereas System quality has positive influence on user satisfaction. In the contrary, the influence of System Quality on Perceived KMS Benefits was not found significant. The most important implication of this research is the importance of the user for KMS success. Other factors influencing the success of a KMS are incentives, management support and the likes (Whitfield, 2008), (Ali, 2012). The findings of this study are also in-line with those reported in previous studies (Wu & Wang, 2006). Therefore, the result of the study also validated the Wu and Wang model in the perspectives of the KMS implemented for the agricultural sector in the low-income countries such as Ethiopia.



Wu and Wang Model, 8028 hotline or AKMS, ATA, System Quality, Knowledge Quality, User Satisfaction, Perceived KMS Benefits, System Use