Impact of Design Cost on Performance of DBB Road Projects: In the Case of Ethiopian Federal Roads

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Addis Ababa University


Design cost is one of the main factors which affects design and project performance; in terms of cost, time and quality. The main objectives of the study was to identify and assess factors affecting design cost and to assess the impact of design cost on design and project performance taking DBB road projects in the case of Ethiopian federal roads. The study had important implication in addressing the impact of design cost on project performance. Seven factors affecting design cost of highway projects have been identified. Among these factors: consultant related factors, market condition related and consultant selection related factors ranked first to third position to highly impact design cost. The study has also identified ten factors affecting design performance of highway projects. Among these; Overall quality of design firm, complexity of the project condition ranked first to second position to impact design performance and both Overall size of design firm and complexity of the project function ranked third position. The impact of design cost on design and project performance was also assessed by this study, and it revealed that design cost highly impact both design as well as project performance. Taking 89 DBB road projects of federal Road Authority as case study, the findings of this thesis revealed that, design cost of DBB road projects of Ethiopian federal road projects is too less relative to its construction cost which is less than 1% of its construction cost. The study has also revealed that design cost per kilometer of DBB road projects has an inverse relationship comparative to its kilometer coverage, which is as project length coverage increases design cost per kilometer for that particular project would substantially decreases.



Design Cost, Design-Bid-Build, Design, Road Construction Project Performance