The Psycho-Social Impact of Cutaneous Lei shmaniasi s on People Infected by the Disease

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Addis Ababa University


Cutaneous Leishmaniasis (which is locally known as Shahign) is one of the neglected tropical diseases that hamper the health cond ition of man y poor people around the world. The disease is dis seminating in a highest prevalence rate a nd is affecting most people in different parts of Ethiopia, leaving a di sfigurin g scar on the patient's body. However, t here are no any studies that are conducted in this area to depict the major impact of the disease on the general wellbein g of the soc iety . Hence, this study has explored th e psycho-social imp act of the disease on those infected people who are living at Ankober Wor eda, Mehal- Wonz Kebele . The major scheme of the research is a qualitative method of exploratory purpose. Accordingly, ten participants from cutaneous leishmaniasis patients and five additional key informants from non-infected community members are selected using purposive sampling method . By doing this, qualitative data is gathered through in-depth interviews and observation. The finding of the study has also indicated that the disease of cutaneous leishmanias is has brought major psycho-social impact on those patients, family members as well as their close relative s. One of these is the psychological problem ofthe disease on the patients which includes the problem of extreme fear and anxiety, poor self-disclosure, emotional sensitivity and disturbance, as well as disgrace and the feeling of gloomy future. The other is the social prob lem that a re related to the views of the society such as stigma and discrimination, limited social participation, rejection of social ties as well as low quality of life. Key Words: Ankober, Cutaneous Lei shmania sis, Di sease, Imp act, Kebe Ie, Meha l-Wonz , Patient , PsychoSocial.



Ankober, Cutaneous Lei shmania sis, Di sease, Impact, KebeIe, Meha l-Wonz, Patient, PsychoSocia