Assessment of Integrated Pharmaceutical Logistics System Implementation in Black Lion Hospital

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Addis Abeba University


BACKGROUND: IPLS is a term applied to the single system for reporting and distribution pharmaceutical items based on the overall mandate and scope of the PFSA. This system aims to provide patients pharmaceuticals they need. In order for this system to be successful, it must fulfil all the six rights of supply chain management which are ensuring right type of item, of the right quality, in the right quantity, at the right place, at the right time and with the right cost. At a facility level, IPLS incorporates all the three logistic functions which are Logistic Management Information System, Inventory Control System, and Storage System of pharmaceuticals. OBJECTIVES: To assess implementation of Integrated Pharmaceutical Logistics System in Black Lion Hospital METHODS AND MATERIALS: An explanatory descriptive approach was used in the study whereby the LMIS, the inventory control system and the storage system of the hospital was assessed and examined against the requirements and standards of IPLS. Purposive sampling technique was used to collect data. In addition, check lists, interview guides & observations were some of the tools used in the data collection process. RESULT: Detail results pertaining to major indicators of IPLS implementation such as availability & proper use of LMIS, LMIS data quality, training and supervision on logistics management, stock availability, availability of expired items, fulfillment of acceptable storage conditions for ARV drugs store room, resupply period, order fill rate, emergency order trends and major challenges on IPLS implementation are described and presented in the result section of this paper. CONCLUSION & RECOMMENDATION: With respect to some measurements such as availability of LMIS tools, supervision and training, availability of drugs, resupply period, emergency order trend, the effort towards IPLS implementation in the Hospital is encouraging. But much gap is observed in some other measurements such as in proper utilization of LMIS tools, LMIS data quality, and perceived order fill rate and storage conditions which leads to an overall conclusion that IPLS is not being implemented in the Hospital in full scale. In order to bring improvements, among other things, there should be regular supportive supervision and continuous trainings, in placing consistent monitoring and evaluation mechanisms, enforcing strict adherence to the IPLS SOP procedures and standards, and increased commitment of top management



Black Lion Hospital