Assessment of Insider Threat In Ethiopian Banking Industry

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Addis Ababa University


This thesis work examines the insider threat management of Ethiopian banking industry with particular emphasis on the insider threat, the motivational factors that leads insider to commit malicious activities and try to see the current implemented insider threat mitigation strategies and activities within the commercial banking industry of Ethiopia .In addition to this, those challenges that faces the Ethiopian banking industry in fighting insider also assessed. This research work made use of the survey research design in its methodology. Surveys are more flexible in the sense that a wider range of information is collected. Questionnaires were used to gather data from representatives of the nineteen commercial banks operating in Ethiopia. Using SPSS Statistical methods such as mean, percentile and correlation were utilized to analyze the data collected from the respondents. Based on this study, insider threat like the Installation of unauthorized software threat and financial frauds are the some of the prevailed malicious activities of insiders within the Ethiopian banking industry. Most of the mitigation strategies which are mentioned on this study are utilized in many of the banks in various degrees. Dissatisfaction with immediate reporting manager, steal data for monetary gain, desire for recognition, and emotional distress (Employee is highly frustrated) are seems to be a motivation for insider threats. After identifying those prevailed insider threat and ,motivations within the Ethiopian banking industry ,this study provide recommendation and best practices from different literature review to mitigate those insiders malicious activities within the Ethiopian banking sectors



Ethiopian Banking Industry