The Effect Of Service Quality On Customer Satisfaction: The Case Of Ministry Of Trade

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Addis Ababa University


The public sector is under increasing pressure to demonstrate that their services are customerfocused and that continuous performance improvement is being delivered. The aim of this research was to assess the effect of service quality on customer satisfaction in case of ministry of trade. The researcher was used information from the respondents. A total 176 sample were used to collect date.The primary data was collected using open and closed questionnaire for customers and interview for managers of ministry of trade. To substantiate the primary data the researcher used secondary data from published and unpublished bulletin, annual reports, literatures, observed and ministry of trade web site. After collecting the data the researcher was used quantitative and qualitative data analysis method. Quantitative data were analyzed using descriptive andlinear regression statistics with the help of SPSS 20.0 version software, table, Percentages, reliability test and problem score analysis were used in analyzing the collected data. From the analysis major findings reveal that quality of service does strongly effect the customer satisfaction and it was found out that the overall service quality perceived by the customers was not satisfactory, that expectations were higher than perceptions. Customers were not satisfied with service. The results and findings showed that the ministry of trade lacks information concerning customers’ needs, wants, expectation and their satisfaction. Therefore, above customers’ expectationby assessing all the service quality dimensions regularly and timely amending the rule and regulation, improve procedures, and hiring competent employees so on. It will also contribute to research since this study sets the ground for further research in measuring service quality in other branches and in the service sector.



Service quality, Customer satisfaction, Ministry of trade