Assessment of Challenges on The performance of Government Housing Projects: In the case of Addis Ababa City

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Addis Ababa University


This study assesses the performance of government housing projects in Addis Ababa city. A sample of 16 interviewees from the Addis Ababa housing projects construction office (AAHPCO) used as a primary source by using purposive sampling approach and secondary data obtained from the federal and City government of Addis Ababa bureaus were analyzed In the process of answering the basic questions. After the data has been collected, it was analyzed using the descriptive analysis for the first research question, and the content analysis applied to address the rest research questions. The result of the study indicates that there is a poor performance exhibited in the Addis Ababa housing projects. With respect to the housing demand in the city, the achievement of the government to meet the demand is only 18% in the past 11 years. The major cost related challenges contributed for this poor performance includes shortage of finance, inflation, lack of foreign exchange, poor financial management. The major schedule related challenges for this weak performance found out in this research are, poor schedule planning, failure to secure a continuous supply of project inputs and currently, the rapid spread of novel corona virus (Covid-19) pandemic affected the schedule of the projects. Lastly, the quality related performance challenges existed in the housing projects includes the application of backward construction technologies, lack of skilled man power and inadequate attention paid for the quality management of projects negatively affected the performance of the projects. Based on the major findings, the study forwarded recommendations for the city government of Addis Ababa, the supreme Authority of the given housing projects.



Performance challenges, housing projects in Addis Ababa, study assesses the performance