Prospect and trend of progress of E banking project in Commercial Bank of Ethiopia

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Addis Ababa University


E banking is a modern and recent service delivery channels in the Ethiopian banking industry and it is counted nearly a decade and half years after the first adoption of E banking technologies in Ethiopia banking industries after introducing the first Automated Teller Machine by the Commercial Bank of Ethiopia .The objective of this project work is to address the current status and progress of E banking technologies in CBE in terms of total active user of the technology , progress in transaction number performed via the technology and also address the prospect of E banking technology in CBE , the challenges and opportunities to expand the technology. To meet this objective a proportional stratified sampling design was used. Data was collected both from secondary and primary data source. The primary data source was collected, from the employees of CBE who are close to the case in their assignment of work and worked only in the four Addis Ababa districts of the bank and Addis Ababa city administration zone, via questionnaires that were both objective and open ended in nature. The secondary data was obtained from the bank’s Management Information System department. The secondary data was mainly used to assess and see the status of E banking products across the aggressive expansion of the technology whereas the primary data was used to address the prospect of E banking technologies and challenges and opportunities in expanding the technology from the bank’s perspective .The study used descriptive statistics and findings were described by using appropriate graphs, tables. And the findings of the study showed that the number of active, in status, user of the technology, number of transaction performed via the technology, number of newly recruited E banking customer from the newly opened account showed increment for the past five years yearly. However the percentage of increment in the number of transaction performed via the E banking technology were not proportional meaning the yearly transaction made via the technology is by far small in number this indicates even though the bank is aiming in creating cash less society still customers are cash holding one this might be due to lack of awareness how to use the technology . The primary data analysis of this project work high light that even though the E banking system of the bank presents conveniently for use there were many discouraging factors in using the technology consistently for instance network and power interruption and poor treatment of customer request and compliant handling



E banking, customer recruitment, prospects