Assessment of knowledge and practice of Nurses’ on Initial Management of Acute poisoning at Adult Emergency Department of two Public Hospitals in Hawassa town, Hawassa, southern Ethiopia

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Addis Ababa University


Background: Poisoning is a major health problem worldwide, and it causes significant morbidity and mortality. It is estimated that 350,000 people died worldwide from unintentional poisoning. As acute poisoning is common reason for visits to emergency departments and for hospitalization worldwide, it is essential that all ED nurses should be familiar with the clinical priorities in life-threatening situations in order to ensure that problems are identified and treated accordingly. Objective: To determine the nurses’ knowledge and practice on the initial management of acute poisoning among adult casualties seen at emergency department of Adare District Hospital(ADH)& Hawassa University Referral Hospital(HURH),Hawassa. Methodology: Institution based cross sectional descriptive study that employs both qualitative and quantitative methods of data collection was employed on all nurses working at emergency department of Adare District Hospital & Hawassa University Referral Hospital. Result: There were 67 nurses working at ED of both hospitals from which 63(94%) participated in the study. All ED nurses that participated in this study had unsatisfactory knowledge <75% (mean knowledge 61.50%) and practice level(mean practice 65.50%). The majority 58(92.10%) of ED nurses required training related to emergency and poisoning management. Conclusion All ED nurses that participated in this study had unsatisfactory general knowledge on poisoning, knowledge on initial management of acute poisoning and practice .Recommendation: there Should be various type of emergency related training that focusing on poisoning management, IEMM etc that help in assessment diagnosis and management of casualties at ED by nurses.



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