The Impact of Esential oil on the Storagability of Injera

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Addis Ababa University


The impact of esential oil ( thyme, clove, basill and black cumin) on the Storagability of Injera (fermented ethiopian bread) were studies. Injera is the staple Ethiopian fermented bread made from flour of teff (Eragrostis tef ). Injera (bread) is made by mixing flour, water and ersho and keep the dough for 3 days, which is fermented and subsequently thinned to a batter for then poured onto a hot griddle in a thin layer to bake. The shelf life of injera was only three days essentially due to a serious problem of mould spoilage. Spice (clove, thyme, basill and black cumin) (1-2 kg) sample were added to coventional steam-distiller and the obtain of EO are separatily added to dough (before fermentation) and bater (after fermentation) at the concentration of 2000ppm, 4000ppm, and 6000ppm. The pH of treated injera samples were ranged from 3.42 to 4.12. While, the pH of control sample without esential oil was 3.46. The moisture content of the injera sample were varied from 62.53 to 65.11%. The addition of EO in to dough (before fermentation) and bater (after fermentation) were affect sensory quality of injera. The treated injera containing thyme EO at 2000ppm concentration level was best sensory quality with scores 8.5, for addition of EO on bater (after fermentation). The shelf life of injera treated by EO at 2000ppm,4000ppm and 6000ppm were 8 to 10 days for thyme & Clove, 6 to 8 days for combination and 5 to 7 days for Basill and black cumin Esential Oil at room temprature. From the treated sample thyme had high degree of keeping quality at 2000ppm concentratio level and the sensory quality were also acepted by panel at this concentration, over all aceptance of like extrimelly and like very much rated scale from the atribute of flavor, taste and aprance. The effectiveness of the esential oil used nearly increase in order of strength, black cumin< basill< combination < clove < thyme. The outcome of this thesis has a significant implication in the aid of novel preservative to increase food security and a significant reduction in the amount of time used during injera baking.



Essential oil (EO), Mould, Spoilage, shelf life, after fermentation, before fermentation, consentration, sensory quality