An Evaluation of The Professional Progra" of The Pre-Service Primary Teacher Education in Ethiopia - Based on The Objectives of The Training Progra".

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Addis Ababa Univerisity


The purpose of this study was to determine the adequacy of the professional training of the pre-service primary teacher education program vis-a-vis the overall obj ectives and specific outcomes of the program. And a s rvey was conducted by taking r andom sampl es of 410 graduating students and 80 instructors from t h e TTls at Dessie, Gonder, Awassa, and Nazareth . With a response rate of 75 percent, the data collected were analyse~ by utilizing appropriate statistical methods from which the following results were obtained; Statements of the overall objectives that focus on the development of prospective teachers' competencies and their ability to promote "community development" were regarded as highly relevant and important to the professional training; and t hat objective whi ch proposes "ideological training" was considered as least. import.ant. _ The professional preparation was rated as "more than adeqLtate" ~ by b t•_, groups of respondents, in the skills of "planning", "pre-sentation" and •!e• ... a~uation•, of classroom lessons; and the prepar at 1. on was rated as " inadequate" in dea:ing with "classroom management" skills; no significant difference was observed between the two groups, expect. in the area of "evaILlation" skills . - Some background characteristlcs of the respondents sho~ed a significan~ re:ationshi~ with the1.r rati ng of the erFcfess:.ional traini;fg: stwGer,ts with more pre-traini ng work (t=:.::-h:;f~) " e ;::, e~le~,ce," and those r,it:-f higT-. "tendency " to o-c~ o~t =~ ~eac~lng a~e :es~ op~i-_~ti= i~ ~~eir r ating; ard tea::hers loollth more lIyears 0+ s2r".ce" in the TTls r ated the train"ng morE pos:itivEly; the "wort~ of the feedback" stkdents reciEVed in the p~actice teaching period was also significantly aG~ ~asitively relatej with their rati ng . Based on these results, some recommendations are made: TT:is should formulate trainable objectives that are sensitive to the professional needs of trainees; systematic trai~ing in professional skills should be provided; research on teaching and teacher education practices should be encoura-ged in the TTIs; the teaching practice pYO,rCu'f\ should have a defin"te objective~ ~nd clos2r cooperation between the TTls and the Elementary schools should be maintained .