Survey and Identification of Traditional Medicinal Plants in Arsi Zone, Sude Woreda, Ethiopia

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Addis Ababa University


The study on the survey and identification of traditional medicinal plants in Arsi Sude district was performedfrom October 2015 to February 2016 in three kebeles Gojama negele, Yabeta kula and Akiya meti. In the area diverse medicinal plant species which are used to treat many human and livestock disease have been documented.The data were collected from the informants through semi-structured interview, discussion and collecting plant samples from the study areas that are used to treat different human and livestock ailments. A total of 21 informants were selected that consist of seven informants from each kebele of which 16 were males and five females. Among the informants six of them were key informants selected by purposive sampling method. A total of 36 medicinal plant species were collected from the study area and identified using the Flora of Ethiopia and Eritrea (volume 3, 1989). The medicinal plant collected are used to treat six disease categories. Namely, dermatological, respiratory, ureno-genital, gastro-intestinal, febrile and livestock disease. The frequently applied plant part was leaf (58%) followed by root (25%). Traditional healers commonly used the juice of fresh leaf and root of medicinal plants.To prepar it fresh part of the plant is crushed and the juice applied orally, nasally or dermally. However; these plant species are threatened by the activities of the community like expansion of agriculture, overgrazing, cultivation of eucalyptus tree as cash plant and application of the root of medicinal plant is a factor that needs risk of extniction. To conserve the biodiversity of the area and preserve the medicinal plants it is recommended to make aware of the society and to develop in –situ and ex-situ conservation of medicinal plants. Key word; Traditional medicinal plants, traditional healer, Human diseases, Livestock ailments.



Traditional Medicinal Plants, Traditional Healer, Human Diseases, Livestock Ailments