Prevalence of Depression among Adolescents and Association of Parental Neglect on Depression in Governmental Preparatory Schools in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

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Addis Abeba Universty


Background (problem statement): Although depression is one of the major diseases that cause failure to socialize among children and adolescents, it is often neglected and not given adequate parental attention. Objective: To assess the prevalence of depression and association of parental neglect on depression among adolescents in governmental Preparatory schools in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia 2016-2017G.C Method: A school-based cross- sectional descriptive survey design was conducted among a total of 17,338 governmental Preparatory school students in Addis Ababa, where a sample of 700 students were randomly selected from five different schools from March to April by means of the Patient Health Questionnaire 9 and Adverse Childhood Experience Questionnaire Scale. Collected data was entered into Epi Info 7. Frequencies, crude odds ratio and logistic regressions were analyzed by Stata 14. Result: The prevalence of depression was found to be 205(29.29%) among the 700 participants between the age group of 17-19 of which 292(41.71%) had mild, 155(22.14%) had moderate, 44(6.29%) had moderately severe depressive symptoms whereas the remaining 6(0.86%) had severe depressive symptoms. The study also showed that 372(53.13%) respondents have reported to have experienced one or more aspects of parental neglect while growing up. Among those respondents who had parental neglect, the study showed that 146(39.3%) of them were depressed. There were strong associations between depression and sex and parental neglect Conclusion and Recommendation: Results of this study indicated there was sizeable depression prevalence among adolescents in governmental Preparatory schools and also identified those adolescents who experience parental neglect while growing up were more likely to be depressed. Schools should have a counseling service with a health professional for students and further studies with a wider population should be conducted as well



Prevalence of Depression among Adolescents