A Study on the Nature of Journalism and Communication Education Curriculum at Mekelle University

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Addis Ababa University


The aim of this thesis was concerned with understanding of the composition of courses in journalism education program at Mekelle University in terms of theoretical and practical courses orientation; illustrating how contextual elements are included in it; and analyzing whether the courses in the program have the potential of achieving the prescribed goal. In order to investigate these concerns, research methods of content and document analysis, in-depth individual and focus group interviews have been employed. The overall approach was qualitative formative curriculum study. The findings of the study exhibit that the program is skewed towards professional/practical orientation of journalism education. It has some courses that reflect contextual journalism knowledge and contextual knowledge other than the aspects of journalism. However, it was evident that the program has been observed deficit of university courses in order to produce those professional journalists who are at the same time intellectually rigorous and critical of mind compared to the UNESCO Model Curricula.



Nature of Journalism and Communication