Effectiveness of Business Process automation & Implementation Assessment: The case of ethio telecom

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With the growing complex telecommunication services provision in modern organizations effectiveness of business process automation & implementation is a vital and critical activity of an organization. The main objective of this study is to identify the effectiveness of business process automation and implementation assessment in functional areas which are called divisions at ethio telecom. A formal theoretical framework is designed based on the dependent and independent variables. After this research at the company and division level, it will figure out what is the reason and gaps for business process implementation, and its automation assessment. Methodology of the study is using primary and secondary data which directly distrusted questionnaire and asked for the organization managements by using stratified sampling methods for the category of strata were Directors & managers, supervisors and selected employees. The major findings of the study were lack of awareness in the implementation of effective business processes, lack of categorization of business process into a core, critical and non-critical to help implements focus and prioritize. Unable to get the correct system/tools for the better implementation of the business process. Lack of poor follow-up and support from the management at all levels and lack of giving training on the policy strategy and business processes plan problems, alignment business process implementation not fully done.



Business process automation, Business process improvement, Level of awareness on company business process